this is our story

My name is Montgomery Bisson, founder and president of Mosquito Super Vac. After 21 years of designing and building vacuums I have watched my competitors and myself succumb to the greed of off-shore manufacturing. Today our country is vulnerable. Our talent unemployed, and profits empowering foreign competition. If you care, buy American. If you want power, quality and the longest warranty in the industry buy an American-made Mosquito Super Vac!

Some highlights:
*Made in the USA: 84% of the 38 parts in this vacuum are US made
*Warranty: 7-yr unconditional warranty "Best in the Industry"
*Power: Exceeds or meets all competitors vacuums
*Quality: Our warranty says it all. The longest unconditional warranty in the industry.
*Value: American quality with offshore pricing
*HEPA: Mosquito Super Vac only sells HEPA filtered vacuums. Fine particulates are a carcinogen, so check your filter regularly
*Private Labeling: Small or large quantities