"I totally love your new Mosquito Backpack vacuum. It has been well received by our cleaning crew. Their response has been that it is easier to maneuver and is very lightweight and powerful and gets the job done much quicker. I will be purchasing more of these as we expand our retail stores."
- Donatella Perkins


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    • Made in the USA

    • Warranty

    • Power

    • Quality

    • Value

    • HEPA

    • Private Labeling

    • GOLD SOA/GL Certification

Gold Certification!

Mosquito is proud to announce our HEPA Back-Pack vacuum line of products has received the CRI "Carpet and Rug Institute" GOLD SOA/GL Certification / Green Label. Certification number "83648 Gold". This is the highest level of certification for our industry and a resounding approval of the excellent product that Mosquito designs and builds in the USA.